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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  August 3, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news out of queens. we have a live report. looking at his replacement. presidential nominee seems to be going out alone refusing to endorse to prominent republicans running for reelection. this is interesting. >> by the way, donald trump reverses course on the crying baby. he says, i love crying babies and then he says get
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he was down in dc. >> entertaining day on the tray. juliet: everything is fantastic. >> you know what it is? mike: it sure is. she will struggle today. >> we will let her warm up a little bit. let's show you what's happening out there for you yesterday we helped out at 79b0. that is what we had at central park at 82b0 in allentown and 75b0 in bridgeport 71 montauk . what we have out there is a little bit cooler. right now 67b0 and we might drop another degree or so. 61b0 insussex and 57 i myself . upper 50sto the northwest . it feels nice and cool
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sky on the radar and satellite. not much to talk about there. area of low pressure in the carolinas but high pressure is in control that's going to bring us a sunnier sky. there is fairly dry. it's still pretty comfortable. heading up to 71b0 and 77 by noon. high up to 80b0 later on and tomorrow we make it up to 82. that's when thehumidity makes a comeback . saturday afternoon or evening looks risky for us here. let's bring in inesand see what's happening on the wednesday commute .> looks like we are starting off pretty good. connecticut with no problems there. the area looks good as does new jersey.
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no major delays at 287. there was overnight construction going on here. southbound and northbound. a couple of lanes are closed. no delays left. >> traffic moving fine towards west chester. rockland looking good and trains are running on or close. >> we are following breaking news no >> that is where each other was found murdered.eresa perillo is there with the latest developments. teresa, good morning to you. >> for all we understand we are talking to the nypd and the jogger is a 31-year-old woman. a native of howard beach that is out and about. her body was found in the marsh behind me. there is a police fan that is here on the jogging
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the police are still on scene investigation is active and ongoing.hey have made a positive identification but they have not officially released the name of this young woman. she was reported missing by her father around 7:00 and from what we understand she went out for a late afternoon jog at around 5:00 pm, we are told she was an avid jogger this area.he usually jobs with her dad but for some reason she decided to go at it alone. her body was discovered around 10:30 p.m.. police are investigating this but at this point are not letting us know if there were any indications of trauma. not what condition the body was found in. they are investigating it of a homicide. the 30-year-old who goes
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homicide. we are expecting to learn more so we'll stay on this and bring you the latest. certainly something you don't hear of here in howard beach everyday. that's the latest, and things that to you. >> 5:30 a.m. ?it's still very light out. that's a nice area with quiet. >> everyone knows everyone. i was talking to a member of our news team who is quite familiar. they said this is a quiet section of howard beach. they say this thing doesn't happen here for the clichc but that's what we are told. i'm not from here but this is what we learn. we hope we will learn more about that.
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the path and how far it extends. it's altogether extending questions. back to you in the studio. >> we will check accent. let us know if anything develops. police commissioner bill bratton has decided that he will step down as an index top cop. his final day will be in september but his successor has been chosen. liz has more on the story. i love this uniform and i love what it stands for. he has been promoted to the nypd pic he started his career as a transit cop in 1983 patrolling the subway and credits his mother for helping him rise through the ranks. >> she was the one who taught me the ideals of what good cops should aspire to. because of her and learn that we can change the world into what we want to be in life is much more
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it's about all of us. >> knowing who your police officers are and what their names are ?you also have their phone number. one way to strengthen the bondthat exists here in many places in bridging the divide . the reverend called to meet with community leaders in order to better understand their approach. what does it mean and how would it be instituted bill bratton is assuring scott takes that the transition will be seamless and o'neill will improve police relations. >> b& department and the city with a passion. he understands that we don't have all the answers so i sent him to los angeles ?someone else in the country tounderstand
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>> is a busy and eventful day. and they all. the republican nominee got a purple heart got a baby booting from a rally and was called unfit obama.t was a rough day. dan bowens shows us what went on. you think she looks presidential? >> crying baby to be kicked out of his rally. >> i love having a baby crying while i'm speaking. >> from unusual to controversial after he will weekend feuding with the maintenance of a war hero. this is my veteran presented him with a purple heart. this was much easier.
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>> there has to be a point which you say this is not someone i can do that with. >> during an interview with the "washington post". well-known endorsed trump. >> i have never been a fan of john mccain. hate the way our veterans have been treated by john and other people. >> increasingly we go to see mister trumprely on the party establishment . >> montclair state university professor says trumps hesitant to endorse and is puzzling after a convention intended to signal unity.
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or lead over donald trump nationally earning a seven-point balance after the dnc convention. from the newsroom, good day new york. >> you get the feeling that the relationship between trump and ryan is fracturing. >> i think paul ryan said something yesterday like i don't need his i think i will be fine. >> is at the kiss of death? we're looking at a comfortable day of august with a high of only 80b0. was the humidity factor? how will our hair look? is this a parent ponytail or a man monday? taking on donald trump ? what to republicans have to say about the presidential
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we are coming back.
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giuliani is still backing trump. juliet: let's talk about this with curtis. he is the host. >> think you. >> good morning. >> whether they call it 77 now? >> now that your moses junior on board we could research that. very rude. i won't even listen to your show. >> oh excuse me. >> before we get to that, let's talk about trump. it seems as though he has lately had some moments over the course of his campaign but lately , seems like they are becoming
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utterance or controversial event that happened. does just one thing after another. >> you think he is going full force or starting to crack? >> he is in a tailspin. he has never done this before. you have a mistake here. 17 people are calling the now you have the growth. should be a loteasier to go after.ou are shooting yourself in the foot . you begin to wonder how it is that the surrogates are attacking mister khan. they won't let it be. it's almost as if each and every day he is like general custer and it's his last one.
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prozac and rachel hill chill pill and get focus. >> this is what the critics are say ?he will not edit himself and take his feet into the ground. he is falling apart. i am not saying that he is i'm just guessing . urtis: if i was chris christie and i tied take his hand and break every knuckle in his hand so he can't to . it starts with the stupid tweets and he gets deeper and deeper. when christie turns against you you have an issue. will donald trump last until the election? it's in 1972.
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entourage. he started with democrats for governor surviving. trust me, trump will's an act of terrorism here. they could certainly shift what would focus us on today. >> that's what we had to hope for. >> decision in early july. bill bratton is announcing his retirement. all of a sudden some new jack will become the police commissioner. what is your take? >> bratton is jumping ship like everyone else. he realizes that there are
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highest level. bratton has decided ?hey, i will establish my legacy and get out of dodge before everything just sits. they have been at each other's throats. >> it changes the narrative. yesterday morning we were talking about against a baggio and him coming to the gym. we saw that and it moves right off the radar screen. with all this going on ?he still got into his suv and still went to his trendy jim. speaking of digging your heels into the ground ? inky curtis. you are entertaining as always. not ready for prime time. >> i am not listening to your show works subway
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the last of a rod? sports is coming up next.
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>> i am back in the house. it's a very hot outfit! i have my flip-flops on, by the way. >> i would not even know that. is subway series is getting hot. actually shifts in yankee stadium tonight with last night in the second game at city field. the newest mets making his first appearance in the lineup. it's a fly off to the field. in the third inning it's one man on taking the deep to right field. it's his first home run of the season the 2/0 mets. jacob is rocksolid on the mound with it in the fifth inning. eight strikeouts and no runs with just four hits. the mets break it open with
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matt reynolds with neil walker. the mets go on to beat the yankees at 7/1 for the final score. >> what could be the end of the a rod era. the yankees have called gary sanchez. he is expected to be the designated hitter tonight. reportedly for the next two months. what is this made for alex? jay gerardi says he doesn't expect he will get a lot in the near future. the reds first baseman
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he grabs the guys red logo on his shirt. >> later on he had a change of heart. he gave him a slimeball the reds went on to beat the cardinals at 7/5. >> another interesting incident. it's the giants game in philly. stopping the game and walking over to the stands. davidson says you could have your wife, girlfriend, kids there. they can buy tickets and theydon't have to come here and listen to that . >> good move.
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>> top stories when we come
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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day wake up" >> temperatures in the 50s. it's a cool start to your morning. >> mike woods tells us what to expect for watching the traffic's before ajogger was found murdered in howard beach queens teresa is there with a live report , coming up . >> big announcement yesterday. he is resigning. we will tell you who is replacing him. no, not mayor deblasio. the top republican fundraiser has some harsh words. she says she is supporting hillary clinton.


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